“Once Again…”

On  Monday the 2nd of October we awoke to find “once agains.”

Once again, there are senseless deaths.
Once again, mothers & fathers are without; sons & daughters are without.
Once again lovers are without.
Once again, there are the questions of “why” and of “evil.”
Once again there is doubt and confusion on who and what and where to blame.
Once again there are the voices saying,” This is not the time to have this discussion.”
Once again there are sounds of tears as voices are silent; no more to speak.
Once again there are “thoughts and prayers” being lifted up.
Once again lives are horrifically changed.
Once again another chance for change.

My hope is that what happened in Vegas does not stay in Vegas. Can we put an end to “once agains?”



“Is This Heaven…No, it’s Iowa.”

One of the most famous lines ever in a movie brings a smile to one’s face. Of course the movie was Kevin Costner’s Field of Dreams.  Now this movie was fiction and I am sure that there would be a discussion on what state could be equated with heaven, but for a little boy named Wyatt (and so many other), Iowa is a place of peace and of hope.

The University  of Iowa has started a new tradition with a simple wave to children like Wyatt. Between the 1st and 2nd quarter of Hawkeye Home football games, the entire stadium which is filled with thousands and thousands of people (see below)  turn and wave to the Iowa University Children’s Hospital which overlooks the stadium. Smiles and tears come as these children and their parents feel peace and see hope even if for a few minutes.

So, maybe…just maybe, the line should be: “Is this Iowa?…No, it’s heaven.” I am sure Wyatt would agree.